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July 27, 2022

Where You Should Eat: Stockholm, Sweden

Even when I only spend a couple days in a new city, I still go out of my way to stop into the most locally recommended restaurants. Here is where I ate ( & recommend) in Stockholm Sweden:

On our way home from a summer abroad, my boyfriend Kiva and I decided to extend our layover in Stockholm and explore the city for a few days. In between shopping at our favorite Swedish brands like Acne Studios and Eytys, and exploring the ins and outs of our favorite new city, we made it a priority to step into the local and cozy favorites recommended to us: 

Here's where we ate and why we think you should too: 

Knut Bar:  A cozy, laid back restaurant located in the center of Stockholm & a perfect place to discover Swedish food in an authentic setting. The menu varied from pizzas and pasta's to Swedish delicacies like reindeer heart, moose steak, and elk sausage.The delicious food with the inviting staff and atmosphere makes this place an absolute must when visiting Stockholm. 

Eatnam: We ate at Eatnam after an early flight from Prague and needed some soup to warm us up after the shock of discovering Stockholms weather in August. This was the perfect place for something quick, warm, and light. 

Eatnam Vegetarian Pho

Cafe Saturnus: Cafe Saturnus was worth the walk from the city center (despite how cold and rainy it may have been)! Aside from the infamous gigantic cinnamon and cardamom buns they are known to serve some of the best breakfast in Stockholm & they surely did not disappoint. 

Gelato Caput Mundi: The most charming gelato shop located in the center of Axel Landquist park. This staff of this family owned stand make their gelato early every morning and always end the day with a complete sell out. Let me leave you with this, if the people of Stockholm are waiting in line to eat gelato in a park despite the cold, you know its worth it. 

Gelato Caput Mundi

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