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July 25, 2022

Let’s talk about sustainability (Oooo)

Over the last few years, I’ve trained myself to primarily shop sustainable, clean, & ethically sourced products. I believe in ethical consumerism and the changes that can be made in the fashion industry if we stay mindful.

Over the last few years, I've trained myself to primarily shop sustainable, clean, & ethically sourced products. I believe in ethical consumerism and the changes that can be made in the fashion industry if we stay mindful. I urge you all to educate yourselves on exactly how much it takes to produce a piece of clothing when all employees are making a livable wage and are working in fair conditions. 

Fast fashion brands don't thrive because people who can't afford to shop with small or sustainable brands need to shop with them. What makes these companies thrive are girls who need a quick and disposable outfit for their newest post. I understand that not everyone can afford a $200 piece of clothing, but I would rather own one sustainable or pre-loved piece that will last me years than 5 from a company that doesn't care about their impact on the environment not the livelihood of their employees. 

The clothing we put on our bodies should be celebrated (!!!) They should represent ourselves and our morals. Everything we wear is a piece of art, and we should know exactly where they are sources and feel good about the companies we buy from. + I don't know about you guys, but I would never wanna run into someone wearing the same outfit as me. 

Here are a few of my favorite sustainable clothing brands: 



Alohas is a Spanish brand that stands behind the reduction of overproduction. They created a preorder system that rewards customers for shopping early so they can anticipate their demand levels prior to production, so they only produce the amount of shoes they know they will sell.
Their pieces are not cheap but I’ve found myself fond of creating a smaller closet filled with curated pieces from companies that I feel good about supporting, rather than clothes I’ll only wear a couple times before they fall apart.

Aloha's Marshmallow Sandal in Black


Heavy Manners is a small brand run by Lisa Caprio (my ultimate girl crush). They steer clear of mass production, use the best quality materials & have personal relationships with their production partners. While Heavy Manners is primarily known for their swim lines, their denim and silk pieces are some of the best I’ve seen. 


3 Women Co is a women owned brand in Long Beach, California. They use vintage textiles such as rice and flour bags to create the most beautiful one of a kind pieces. The majority of their pieces are custom but you can find some of their ready to wear pieces at the Rose Bowl flea market or at the events at their brick and mortar location!
I own a few of their pieces, including a tote, a custom halter, and a ready to wear button down that primarily lives on my boyfriend's back. & let me tell you, I have NEVER been so excited to wear something as much as their pieces + I feel like an absolute piece of art when I am walking around with them on my back. 


Oddli is a women owned brand started by two best friends Ellie and Jensen! After finding a passion for sustainable consumerism through their studies at Stanford University, they moved to Los Angeles, California where they created Oddli, a clothing brand made entirely of deadstock fabrics (so wholesome I cry). 

Oddli Clothing Custom Name Tee


The ultimate combination of art in fashion- this is one company that will have you in love at first sight. Paloma Wool is a clothing brand and creative project based in Barcelona, Spain. Their inspiration is focused around the art of getting dressed. Aside from their website, you can find their pieces on Lisa Says Gah or hop on a quick flight to Barcelona if that tickles your fancy. 


The place to find your statement shoe. Miista’s production is ethical and fair trade. Plus, they are committed to supporting the artisans who handcraft their heels in Spain. If I could strictly walk around in Miista, I would.

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