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August 31, 2022

Focusing on Small Joys

Today is a pho kind of day in LA. So was yesterday. With every sip I took I reminisced on rainy nights in Marin when Bella and I would meet and sit for hours in the tent of the pho restaurant in Corte Madera sipping broth together and watching the rain fall around us. It was a different kind of simple.

                                                    (something to listen to while you read)

I am starting to feel hopeful again. I am also beginning to practice love again. I fill my head with comfy, soothing thoughts. Every morning I wake up and as I lay with my cat Roma, I think about the things in my life I am grateful for. I know it’s cheesy, but I now consider even the most mundane of days to be good. I had recently begun to find myself falling into a spiral of unhealthy tendencies. Spending too much time on my phone. Comparing and wishing I was something else, somewhere else, and someone else. There were so many big things going on I didn’t know what to focus on. School, moving, the election, my parents divorce. My mind was starting to spread too thin and the mentality spread to my writing. I didn’t know what to focus on. So, I pushed it away and focused on nothing at all. But as I work on centering my attention to appreciate the minuscule, sometimes insignificant things that go on throughout my day, I will shift my focus to do so in my writing as well.

Here are some recent small joys I’ve documented in my journal:

“Today, I made a cup of rose tea and enjoyed it with a shortbread cookie. It made work a little more enjoyable.” 

“There is a small company Kiv & I have been obsessed with in Long Beach (more so me) called 3WomenCo. All of their pieces are custom and made from vintage flour and rice bags. They’re also expensive. Very expensive. But because I really wanted one of their pieces, I got an app to save a percentage of my paycheck in a “3Women Fund” folder. Kiva’s 21st birthday happened to be right around the time I had finally saved enough money & I knew seeing him on one of their pieces would make me just as happy as if it were me. So, I spent my fund on a shirt for him instead. But!!! (and here’s the catch) I ended up winning a raffle for a custom top the day after I placed the order for his! & the raffle was for voting! This is some very good Karma if you ask me.”

“Leah and I were eating Dim Sum on Beverly Blvd together and noticed a houseless person sitting at a man's table behind us immediately after he stood up to use the restroom. We mentioned it to him after she scurried away upon his return. Thinking, of course, that he’d want a new plate and utensils. Instead, he thanked Leah and I for letting him know and then told us “I wish she didn’t run away, I would have bought her some dinner.” He put his headphones back on (the cool, bulky, 70’s type) and returned to his meal. We need more people like him in this world.” 

“Someone literally ran across the street this morning to tell me my hair is beautiful. I admire people who go out of their way to make a stranger's day. Today is going to be a good one.”

“I got sick (like really sick) during Kiva and my anniversary dinner in Mexico. He grabbed the check halfway through and met me outside to hold my hair back and actually said my dry heaves were one of the cutest things he’s ever seen (like what). It was our last night in Mexico and I was supposed to pack/ clean up the airbnb once we got home. There were dirty dishes in the sink from the entire week, our clothes lying all around the apartment, and we had to be on our way to the airport by 6:30 the next morning. I, of course, passed out right when we walked through the door with my shoes, make up, and dress still on. But when I woke up the next morning, my bag was fully packed, the dishes were done, and the airbnb was clean.”

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